Insight Psychological Services Offers Comprehensive Care

After years of success in the corporate world, Ashu Bhandari wanted to share his business acumen with entrepreneurs. He founded his own firm, Ashu Bhandari Consulting, to provide consulting services at no cost to business owners.

One of his clients, psychologist Lori Thompson, established her own firm, Insight Psychological Services, LLC, which aims to provide high-quality mental health services to clients in the Virgin Islands. At Insight Psychological Services, individual clients gain access to psychotherapy, counseling, and medication management, as well as a full array of other services, such as couples counseling and family therapy. In addition, the practice offers testing to assess potential learning or developmental issues in children and adolescents.

The practice provides many options for group therapy. Women clients can take part in groups focused on stress management, emotional eating, parenting skills, and sleep disturbance. Children’s groups focus on developing life and social skills. Groups for male and female adolescents, ages 15 to 17, focus on topics of interest to that specific age group. Another group helps adolescents make healthier choices about alcohol and drug use.


Contract Negotiation Strategies to Consider

A native of India, Ashu Bhandari is an entrepreneur who leverages his expertise to lead his consulting firm. Ashu Bhandari guides business owners on several aspects of entrepreneurship, including cash flow management, product diversification, and contract negotiation.

A business owner must develop strong contract negotiation skills in order to reduce risk and boost revenue. While compromise is a necessary aspect of the negotiation process, properly using certain strategies can increase one’s ability to achieve the outcome he or she prefers.

1. Taking control of an agenda leads to more promising results. A person who takes the initiative to plan a meeting, draft topics for discussion, and direct the pace of a negotiation can focus on the subjects most important to his or her business. This can also be achieved with a passive approach, by summarizing details of a negotiation and framing it in a way that is conducive to the person’s business.

2. Avoiding an “all-or-nothing” approach keeps negotiations from coming to a standstill and diminishes the risk of both parties leaving unsatisfied. Instead, a skilled negotiator compartmentalizes subjects to reach an agreement on individual topics. This also makes both parties feel like progress is being made.

3. Identifying top priorities keeps a negotiator from becoming slowed down by less important items during a negotiation. A person should prepare in advance by ranking the level of importance for each topic. If concessions must be made while meeting, then the negotiators can use the list to help them make compromises on items least important to them in order to gain leverage on major priorities.

How Much Money to Spend on Business Marketing and Advertising

A retired business executive, Ashu Bhandari spends part of his spare time providing consulting services. Seasoned in business management, operations, and promotion, Ashu Bhandari utilizes his expertise to counsel local businesses in areas of public relations and advertising.

Among the most difficult parts of owning a business is determining how much money to allocate toward business needs, such as marketing and advertising. For companies making less than $5 million in sales annually and earning 10 to 12 percent net profit margin, the United States Small Business Administration recommends setting aside 7 to 8 percent of a business’ gross revenue for marketing use.

However, this number varies according to the competitiveness of an industry and the length of time in operation. In some instances, marketing experts suggest small businesses use up to 3 percent of revenue to promote their products or services.

In fact, a 2010 Chief Marketing Officers Council survey indicated a majority of chief marketing officers spent less than 4 percent of a company’s gross revenue on promoting and advertising the business. In total, nearly three-quarters of survey participants allocated 6 percent or less to marketing initiatives.

Virgin Islands – One of World’s Premier Boating Destinations

Executive Ashu Bhandari lives in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Ashu Bhandari holds a strong passion for boating and owns a boat named “Khush,” which is the Indian word for happiness. He has many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean and pristine beaches.

The Virgin Islands is a premier destination for boaters and water sport enthusiasts from around the globe. Those who begin their boating journey in St. Thomas have easy access to St. John and the British Virgin Islands. Visitors can explore some of the world’s premier snorkeling locations, or dock to enjoy shopping or nightlife on one of the region’s many islands. Although visitors with boating experience can go on self-guided tours, many tourists benefit from hiring an experienced local captain, who can point out intriguing sites to visit.

Boating is just one of the many things to do when visiting the Virgin Islands. Tourists can take part in other water activities, such as fishing, parasailing, jet skiing, and windsurfing. In addition, nature enthusiasts can enjoy ocean-side hikes or close-up encounters with local wildlife.

Hurricane Ivan’s Impact on Grand Cayman – Yesterday and Today

As a resident of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, Ashu Bhandari is no stranger to hurricanes. In fact, Ashu Bhandari was the CEO of a multi-national business that was directly affected by many hurricanes in the region. One hurricane he experienced, Hurricane Ivan, had a massive economic impact on the Cayman Islands.

Hurricane Ivan was a category-five hurricane which passed within 30 miles of Grand Cayman in September 2004. It has been regarded as one of the most powerful hurricanes to strike the Caribbean. The storm resulted in widespread electrical outages in Grand Cayman and caused many residents to temporarily lose housing. More than 400 people received treatment for injuries and two people lost their lives. In total, more than 80 percent of the island’s housing stock experienced some damage. The economic impact of the hurricane reached an estimated $3.4 billion.

Following Hurricane Ivan, the Cayman Islands took steps to make the country better prepared for future natural disasters. This has included building sea walls to protect roads as well as the creation of a hurricane plan for the nation.

Characteristics of a Sound Recruitment Process

Specializing in business planning, Ashu Bhandari came out of retirement to establish Ashu Bhandari Consulting in 2011. A firm that helps small businesses develop plans for recruiting, market infiltration, and payment processing, the consulting firm provides its complimentary services to a variety of industries, ranging from the arts to law.

Establishing a recruiting process is a necessity for any business, large or small. A solid staffing method reduces turnover rates that can result in costly fees related to recruiting, interviewing, and training candidates. In addition, hiring a qualified and motivated person is the key to enhancing productivity and overall company success.

When creating a process, business owners must be able to identify the company’s purpose and reason for carrying out its operations. Doing so will enable them to clearly communicate the organization’s mission and vision, ensuring that candidates understand how they would be able to contribute to these goals. In addition, studying competitors’ recruiting methods helps shape a process that can draw equally, if not more qualified, star employees. Other characteristics of a good recruitment program include integrating candidate engagement to build a list of qualified candidates and incorporating a referral program.

Suffering from Insomnia? Consider Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A retired businessman, Ashu Bhandari has over two decades of experience in executive leadership. In his free time, he networks through Ashu Bhandari Consulting to provide pro bono consulting services to local businesses such as Insight Psychological Services.

Insight Psychological Services is a small network of psychologists and psychiatrists based in the Caribbean. The firm works with area residents to provide access to evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is often used to treat insomnia. Although medications can provide short-term relief, CBT is designed to provide an effective and long-term sleeping strategy in a structured environment. Below is a brief look at the major components of CBT for insomnia.

Maintaining a Sleep Diary
Most sleep specialists require patients to log sleep hours and interruptions over several days or weeks. By providing an objective record of sleep habits, a sleep diary helps patients and sleep professionals identify problematic behaviors such going to bed at erratic times.

Practicing Restriction and Sleep Hygiene
Restricting sleep may seem counterintuitive in treating insomnia, but developing a consistent routine and avoiding naps helps make the most efficient use of time in bed. Sleep hygiene, as the term suggests, is about making healthy lifestyle decisions by avoiding stimulants and non-sleep related activities in bed.

Creating a Sleep Environment
Studies show that your eyes are actually most sensitive to light when they’re closed, and a growing body of research suggests that blue lights—such as those commonly found in consumer electronics—can adversely impact sleep-related hormone levels. Specialists may also work to collect biofeedback to determine concurrent conditions such as sleep apnea.