Cabinetmaker Featured on HGTV

A professional consultant, Ashu Bhandari founded his self-titled firm in January of 2011. Providing a complimentary service to local companies, Ashu Bhandari helps entrepreneurs develop business and customer management skills and guides them through contract negotiations. Among his clients is A&I Development, LLC.

Owned by Ismail Unerli, A&I Development, LLC is a cabinetry company that specializes in custom and semi-custom projects, architectural millwork, and doors and windows. The company’s kitchens have been featured on notable shows such as Home and Garden Television’s (HGTV) House Hunters on Vacation and House Hunters International. Named the best cabinetmaker in its area for three years, A&I Development provides both custom and semi-custom services.

Its semi-custom service is ideal for renovations and home updates. The company works with its clients to draft a design and guides them through selecting accessories, like hardware, that offer a customized look. Dovetail drawer options, which provide durability, are also available to ensure drawers withstand wear over time. Upon receiving a final design approval from clients, A&I Development can fulfill a semi-custom project within two weeks.

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Boating Tech – Yacht Controller Makes Mooring and Other Actions Simple

Businessman and entrepreneur Ashu Bhandari lives and works in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Ashu Bhandari, owner and operator of his eponymous commercial consulting firm, spends much of his free time boating throughout USVI on his Jeanneau Prestige 46 Flybridge named Khush. As an avid boater, he is always seeking new technology with which to upgrade his home away from home.

The award-winning nautical tech company Yacht Controller (YC) has a long history of making boating a more enjoyable and safer activity with its innovative products. In 1999, YC introduced its signature and patented product, a device designed specifically to allow boat owners to berth their watercrafts via remote control. Some 15 years and multiple device generations later, YC still ranks as the leader in this niche industry.

YC’s signature Yacht Controller allows for wireless control of a boat’s thrusters and anchor and reduces the stress and uncertainty of maneuvering large vessels into tight quarters. With Yacht Controller, boat owners can make their boats move forward, backward, or laterally from any location onboard by using a handheld device. The device also allows boaters to drop anchor from the bow, where they can visually check the bottom for debris and other anchors. Furthermore, they can use Yacht Controller when fueling up and when hooking to an offshore mooring, making maneuvering for both activities much simpler and faster.

Diverse Species Inhabit Amboseli National Park

Born in Amritsar, India, and educated in business and hotel management in London, Ashu Bhandari built a strong career in the hospitality industry, achieving important positions as a general manager and vice president. Through his self-named consultancy group, Ashu Bhandari offers commercial advice, often on a pro bono basis, to non-profit organizations.

Bhandari has become an experienced world traveler. One opportunity that excited him was a two-week safari to Kenya, which encompassed a visit to the Amboseli National Park. Stretching across 392 square kilometers (approximately 150 square miles) near the Tanzanian border, the park’s grasslands support some 500 species. The park’s name comes from Maasai words for “salty dust,” referring to an eruption a thousand years from nearby Mount Kilimanjaro.

The presence of the mountain makes the environment in Amboseli unique. The park consists of swamps, rolling hills, and tree-dotted grasslands. Springs provide water during the dry season, and rain-swollen rivers create a floodplain for migratory animals.

Visitors can view some 1,000 elephants which travel the range and occupy the swamps. Other inhabitants include lions, impalas, gazelles, wildebeest, and buffalo. Amboseli earned national park status in 1974 and recent designation as an international bio-sphere reserve.