Boating Tech – Yacht Controller Makes Mooring and Other Actions Simple

Businessman and entrepreneur Ashu Bhandari lives and works in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Ashu Bhandari, owner and operator of his eponymous commercial consulting firm, spends much of his free time boating throughout USVI on his Jeanneau Prestige 46 Flybridge named Khush. As an avid boater, he is always seeking new technology with which to upgrade his home away from home.

The award-winning nautical tech company Yacht Controller (YC) has a long history of making boating a more enjoyable and safer activity with its innovative products. In 1999, YC introduced its signature and patented product, a device designed specifically to allow boat owners to berth their watercrafts via remote control. Some 15 years and multiple device generations later, YC still ranks as the leader in this niche industry.

YC’s signature Yacht Controller allows for wireless control of a boat’s thrusters and anchor and reduces the stress and uncertainty of maneuvering large vessels into tight quarters. With Yacht Controller, boat owners can make their boats move forward, backward, or laterally from any location onboard by using a handheld device. The device also allows boaters to drop anchor from the bow, where they can visually check the bottom for debris and other anchors. Furthermore, they can use Yacht Controller when fueling up and when hooking to an offshore mooring, making maneuvering for both activities much simpler and faster.


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