Multimedia Artist W. B. Thompson

Ashu Bhandari, who earned his bachelor’s degree from India’s Chaudhary Charan Singh Meerut University and advanced training at Middlesex University in London, enjoyed a successful career in the hospitality industry, as well as manufacturing and high-end retail sales, before he retired in 2010. Currently living in the Caribbean area, Ashu Bhandari consults on various business issues with small companies and startups on a part-time basis. Among his clients is the artist W. B. Thompson.

In his own words, W. B. Thompson creates “colorful, multi-layered, mixed media works.” Pieces he’s created are displayed at Trinity University, the United States Embassy in Paris, France, and in the private collection of His Excellency Fernando Enrique Cardoso, President of the Republic of Brazil. In the past few years, he’s participated in solo and group shows and won several awards in New York City; Key West, Florida; Willimantic, Connecticut; and San Antonio, Texas, as well as several exhibitions in venues in the Caribbean.

W. B. Thompson earned a bachelor’s degree in history at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and then stayed on at Trinity to study art under Bill Bristow. He earned a law degree from the Norman Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University in North Carolina before returning to San Antonio to spend several years studying at the prestigious Coppini Academy of Fine Arts.


How to Enjoy Retirement – Planning for Fulfilling Days

Although he continues to offer pro bono consulting services, Ashu Bhandari officially retired at age 45 and has fully embraced his retired lifestyle. Ashu Bhandari spends his free time boating, traveling, and enjoying nature.

While most people eagerly look forward to retirement, transitioning to a new lifestyle can prove difficult after spending decades in the workforce. Some retirees find it helpful to plan for the years of retirement, and many implement schedules to give their day structure.

To begin planning for retirement, future retirees should consider if their current interests and hobbies are sufficient to fill the days and weeks. Retirees should also consult with their spouse to decide jointly how much of their free time should be spent together and individually. If it becomes difficult to plan fulfilling days, retirees can engage in social support groups to develop new friendships and interests.

Retirees can also implement a daily schedule by establishing a time for exercise, chores, and social activities. By scheduling even the smallest tasks, retirees can help foster a sense of accomplishment.

Raising Awareness about the African Elephant

For over two decades, Ashu Bhandari served in executive management positions before retiring and utilizing his skills on a pro bono basis. A widely traveled philanthropist, Ashu Bhandari has developed an awareness of African wildlife through his participation in safaris.

The African elephant, which is considered one of the Big Five game in Africa, is the largest land animal on Earth, and herds migrate throughout 37 countries in Africa. Although conservation efforts from various international organizations have provided a measure of protection to African elephants over the years, renewed poaching efforts to capitalize on the growing ivory trade have resulted in an unprecedented number of deaths.

According to a 2012 study, African elephant poaching rates over 10 years skyrocketed to 65 percent, compared to 25 percent over the previous 10-year period. From 2010 to 2012 alone, poachers killed an estimated 100,000 elephants-more than one-fifth of the entire population. The issue of repopulation is complicated due to the fact that elephants have a gestational period of nearly 22 months, longer than any other mammal. At the current rate, African elephants are in danger of becoming extinct within the century.