How to Enjoy Retirement – Planning for Fulfilling Days

Although he continues to offer pro bono consulting services, Ashu Bhandari officially retired at age 45 and has fully embraced his retired lifestyle. Ashu Bhandari spends his free time boating, traveling, and enjoying nature.

While most people eagerly look forward to retirement, transitioning to a new lifestyle can prove difficult after spending decades in the workforce. Some retirees find it helpful to plan for the years of retirement, and many implement schedules to give their day structure.

To begin planning for retirement, future retirees should consider if their current interests and hobbies are sufficient to fill the days and weeks. Retirees should also consult with their spouse to decide jointly how much of their free time should be spent together and individually. If it becomes difficult to plan fulfilling days, retirees can engage in social support groups to develop new friendships and interests.

Retirees can also implement a daily schedule by establishing a time for exercise, chores, and social activities. By scheduling even the smallest tasks, retirees can help foster a sense of accomplishment.


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