The Semi-retired Life

A graduate of India’s Chaudhary Charan Singh Meerut University and England’s Middlesex School of Management, Ashu Bhandari achieved success in the manufacturing, hospitality, and high-end retail industries prior to his formal retirement in 2010. In the time since, he has slowly transitioned from a lifestyle of full-time employment to the more relaxed lifestyle of retirement. Nevertheless, he continues to share his vast wealth of business acumen, always on a pro bono basis, as the head of Ashu Bhandari Consulting. Two anecdotes are detailed below.

When Katherine Gibson, a certified public accountant, wanted to become part of BDO, the world’s fifth-largest network of public accounting firms, she turned to her client Ashu Bhandari. Founded in 1963, BDO was originally comprised of firms from Canada, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. It grew over time to comprise member firms operating from 1,118 offices in 135 countries. With his extensive business knowledge and contacts, Ashu Bhandari helped Gibson complete the affiliation.

Erika Kellerhals is a tax attorney who earned her LLM in taxation from New York University’s School of Law. When she decided open her own practice in 2011, she approached her friend Ashu Bhandari for advice and guidance on a range of topics, from staffing and cash flow to promotion and branding. Kellerhals, practice continues to thrive today.


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