Virgin Islands – One of World’s Premier Boating Destinations

Executive Ashu Bhandari lives in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Ashu Bhandari holds a strong passion for boating and owns a boat named “Khush,” which is the Indian word for happiness. He has many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean and pristine beaches.

The Virgin Islands is a premier destination for boaters and water sport enthusiasts from around the globe. Those who begin their boating journey in St. Thomas have easy access to St. John and the British Virgin Islands. Visitors can explore some of the world’s premier snorkeling locations, or dock to enjoy shopping or nightlife on one of the region’s many islands. Although visitors with boating experience can go on self-guided tours, many tourists benefit from hiring an experienced local captain, who can point out intriguing sites to visit.

Boating is just one of the many things to do when visiting the Virgin Islands. Tourists can take part in other water activities, such as fishing, parasailing, jet skiing, and windsurfing. In addition, nature enthusiasts can enjoy ocean-side hikes or close-up encounters with local wildlife.


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