Insight Psychological Services Offers Comprehensive Care

After years of success in the corporate world, Ashu Bhandari wanted to share his business acumen with entrepreneurs. He founded his own firm, Ashu Bhandari Consulting, to provide consulting services at no cost to business owners.

One of his clients, psychologist Lori Thompson, established her own firm, Insight Psychological Services, LLC, which aims to provide high-quality mental health services to clients in the Virgin Islands. At Insight Psychological Services, individual clients gain access to psychotherapy, counseling, and medication management, as well as a full array of other services, such as couples counseling and family therapy. In addition, the practice offers testing to assess potential learning or developmental issues in children and adolescents.

The practice provides many options for group therapy. Women clients can take part in groups focused on stress management, emotional eating, parenting skills, and sleep disturbance. Children’s groups focus on developing life and social skills. Groups for male and female adolescents, ages 15 to 17, focus on topics of interest to that specific age group. Another group helps adolescents make healthier choices about alcohol and drug use.


Services at INSIGHT Psychological Services

An accomplished executive now retired and serving as a part-time consultant, Ashu Bhandari performs all of his consulting work pro bono. One of the local businesses Ashu Bhandari has assisted is INSIGHT Psychological Services.

At INSIGHT Psychological Services, founder Dr. Lori Thompson and her staff offer a variety of mental health diagnostic and treatment services. The office provides individual, couples, and family therapies as well as group therapy for individuals of particular needs.

INSIGHT Psychological Services’ group therapy includes a stress management group for women, a six-week sleep disturbances program, and an eight-week parenting course based on the 1-2-3-Magic discipline system. For young people, the practice offers a social skills development group for children ages eight to 11 and a life skills group for youths of 12 to 14 years. Girls’ and boys’ groups are also available for older teenagers, while a substance-abuse support group helps adolescents with drug and alcohol challenges. In addition, families are welcome to take advantage of INSIGHT’s learning disability and ADHD testing as well as its social, emotional, and developmental assessments.