Preparing for an African Safari

Ashu Bhandari, an experienced professional of the hospitality and retail industries, has operated his own consulting firm since 2011. When he is not providing consultancy services to his clients, Ashu Bhandari enjoys traveling the world. During his travels he has enjoyed African safaris in both Kenya and Tanzania.

African safaris allow travelers to observe a wide range of large, exotic animals living in their natural habitat. In order to maximize one’s experience on a safari there are a few steps that should be taken. The safari dress code is especially important to keep in mind. Layers may be needed during colder months, but generally an African safari will demand light and durable fabrics. Neutral colors, like tan and brown, are sometimes encouraged by safari guides. A strong pair of field shoes is another necessity, particularly if the safari includes a walk through the bush.

Every safari pack should include protection against the elements, including sun screen and bug spray. Individuals should also bring some kind of anti-inflammatory agent or a cream to combat itchiness in the event that they are bitten by an insect. Of course, certain items should be brought for entertainment purposes. A pair of binoculars can help a tourist get a better look at animals in the distance, while a camera can capture the experience forever.