Characteristics of a Sound Recruitment Process

Specializing in business planning, Ashu Bhandari came out of retirement to establish Ashu Bhandari Consulting in 2011. A firm that helps small businesses develop plans for recruiting, market infiltration, and payment processing, the consulting firm provides its complimentary services to a variety of industries, ranging from the arts to law.

Establishing a recruiting process is a necessity for any business, large or small. A solid staffing method reduces turnover rates that can result in costly fees related to recruiting, interviewing, and training candidates. In addition, hiring a qualified and motivated person is the key to enhancing productivity and overall company success.

When creating a process, business owners must be able to identify the company’s purpose and reason for carrying out its operations. Doing so will enable them to clearly communicate the organization’s mission and vision, ensuring that candidates understand how they would be able to contribute to these goals. In addition, studying competitors’ recruiting methods helps shape a process that can draw equally, if not more qualified, star employees. Other characteristics of a good recruitment program include integrating candidate engagement to build a list of qualified candidates and incorporating a referral program.